is a 12-week program for adolescents who struggle with pornography. It offers support to both teens and their parents.

Program includes:

2 parent seminars

Learn how to create safety so you can effectively address your teen’s pornography use.

Learn why teens become addicted and why they can’t stop on their own.

Improve your relationship with your teen.

Learn how to offer your teen ongoing support with their addiction

Learn how to reduce the impact pornography has on family members.

Parents will receive copies of all curriculum for the teen program.

10 classes for adolescents

Teens will learn about the impact pornography has on their brain, emotions, and relationships.
Teens will understand more about their addiction and how to stop using pornography.
Teens will learn in a safe, confidential, and interactive class setting.
Teens will complete 8 workbooks full of tools and resources.

The YouthSTAR program is based on the highly successful LifeSTAR pornography addiction recovery program for couples and individuals.

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